China Court was one of the first and largest Chinese Restaurants to be built in the quarter
It was an ambitious project that would prove to be outstandingly successful, not only as a first class Chinese restaurant, but also as a notable landmark within the city.

China Court was a traditional restaurant, providing fresh dim sum cooked freshly every day by highly skilled chefs from Hong Kong. A menu of exotic dishes containing ingredients and sauces was created that had never been seen in Birmingham before, and had something that appealed to all types of palates. The queues were down the road. It was extremely popular amongst Chinese elders, families and students from around the world; it brought them a taste of home that was so far away.

Throughout the next twenty years or so, the traditional has mixed with the new, menus have come and gone and music has emerged in the form of karaoke, and the Bakery has arrived, however the ideology has never changed, ”Quality food, Quality service. China Court continues to provide a warm welcome for all its patrons.

China Court has proved to be unique for many different reasons, the main one being that amongst its clientele, it is not unusual to find customers, whose christenings, birthdays and weddings have been held at China Court, and we cherish our family reputation.

Never a restaurant to rest on its laurels, it is constantly striving to introduce new dishes from all areas of Hong Kong and China, its menus are constantly updated as well as keeping old favourites. Private dining areas have also been introduced for all your celebrations.